A curry a day keeps the doctor away

As I'm writing this post, I'm very sniffly and otherwise not doing very well. And I'm reminded of my usual cure for such ails: spicy foods! I find that spices make me sweat all the nasties away, and I end up feeling much better the next day.

I especially love hot Indian curries, such as vindaloo. Although in New Zealand it's customary to serve vindaloo with beef, I find that I like lamb vindaloo a lot. There's also an Indian place around here that serves an item they call goat curry; it's one of my favourite dishes, especially if I order it ‘Indian hot’ (as opposed to ‘Kiwi hot’, which is more like medium heat).

Right now, though, just past midnight, there are no Indian restaurants open, so I have my next best fix, which is instant Korean noodles. That's one thing I love about Korean food: it's spicier than most other kinds of East Asian cuisine (except perhaps Sichuan, which I also love). You've got to hand it to those northeners; the southern cuisines (e.g., Cantonese) tend not to be nearly as spicy. I know I'm making huge generalisations, but in terms of Asian foods available in an English-speaking country, I dare say I'm not too far off the mark.

I'm just now reading about the phall, which I've not seen in New Zealand, but which I'd love to try! Bring it on! :-)

Well, this is it! I've come to the end of NaBloPoMo, with a post a day! Sure, some posts were more content-free than usual, and some, well, rather controversial, but at long last, it's done! I have one more post in my blog topic queue, which I might post tomorrow if I flesh it out by then, but in any case hopefully sooner rather than later; after that, I don't suppose I'll have anything to blog about for a while. I don't intend to do NaBloPoMo for December.

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