On idealistic hope

This is a special post; I suspended my normal topic schedule, just to celebrate a very great event today.

I say this because, in the US, Barack Obama won the presidential election. Of course, he was the candidate I was backing, however, that's not what my post is directly celebrating, but instead:

  1. That there has been a greater turnout to this election than ever before, and
  2. That old-style politics can be laid to rest, clearing the way for a much more constructive style.

I think the speeches from both John McCain and Barack Obama were very touching, for different reasons. I applaud McCain's grace in conceding the presidency; the crowds were booing audibly, but he firmly told them no, we're all Americans, we must all work together for the good of our country. This is a very different line from that taken during a large part of the campaign, and I really do appreciate that.

Obama's speech is about a call to action; that the election is not the change, but just the enabler of the change that everybody must contribute to, and make sacrifices for. It's also a pledge of support to all Americans, be they Obama supporters or otherwise. It's about unity, despite differences. It's tear-inducing material. :-)

I hope, in seeing all the US election coverage here in New Zealand (and everywhere else in the world, but I emphasise NZ because we have a national election coming up in just a couple of days), that there will be more voters here coming out to vote, and that they will vote with their conscience, for the things they believe in, and not just because the media circus managed to make more dirt stick to one party than another.

As a Greens supporter (and maybe soon-to-be member), I would of course hope that more young voters would come and vote; Jeanette Fitzsimons mentioned that when she was campaigning at Auckland University, there was such a great level of support from the students that if their votes were representative of the country, then the Greens would be the clear major party, and all the other parties would become minor parties. :-P Well, it's not that way across the board, but I still hope for a 10%+ party vote for the Greens!

So if you're a New Zealander, be sure to vote! I'd prefer if you voted Greens, however, if you're not a Green supporter, that's fine, as long as you vote. :-)

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