Serendipity? (Part 3)

Remember how I said that the DVD drive on my laptop was busted and that I'd follow up on it sometime? Well, the main reason it bugged me was that I wasn't able to burn a clean copy of my recovery discs, which obviously is a huge concern of mine should I need to bring the system back to a factory-original state.

So, I ordered a set of recovery discs ($30—it would have been free under warranty if I could provably demonstrate that my DVD drive is busted, but as I mentioned in my last post, that's not easy, and I figured $30 is a small price to pay for peace of mind), and received them today. There are two discs: a System Recovery DVD, and an Application and Driver Recovery CD (the latter has 10 MB of content).

As opposed to normal recovery discs, which are simply a snapshot of the system at initial installation, these discs contain just program files. As such, it has to install everything from scratch, and is, in my case, a five-hour-long recovery process. But, at the end of this process, a program called PC Angel creates a snapshot of the entire system image into the recovery partition for quick recovery; once that is all done, I have a laptop setup that is identical to how I expected it! Colour me impressed!

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Tiara said...

YAY!! One step closer to actually being able to use the thing! *does a happy dance*