Two public service announcements

At the moment I'm very busy and can't scrape together enough time to write a full blog post (yesterday's one took me 4 hours(!) to write), so I'll instead post a couple of current-event items:

  1. If you're a Green Party supporter (and in my opinion, if you aren't already one, you should certainly consider it), you can make your own Vote for us billboards! There's one that I found that's just as poignant as the original billboard.

    And, if you submit your creation to the Green Party Facebook page by Monday, you're in a draw to win a Greens t-shirt! (6 entries as of this writing, so your chances aren't too bad either.)

  2. WCPE is celebrating its 30th birthday this year! If you love classical music as much as I do, you should definitely tune in. For the values-conscious who choose to use patent-free media formats, WCPE has an Ogg Vorbis stream (in addition to MP3 and other formats); in fact, that's how I found them in the first place, as Vorbis.com linked to them.

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