Noel Leeming has the most useless call centre ever

Remember the drama I had with Noel Leeming? I thought it couldn't get worse. I was wrong.

So, you remember how 10 days ago, I called the call centre, and they said they found a unit in Christchurch, and that they would courier it to my home? Well, I got a call today, from the Christchurch store in question, saying that the laptop has arrived at their store and is ready for me to pick up.

I appreciated hearing from the lady at the store—it's a nice change from the idiots at the call centre—but I regretfully explained to her that I don't live in Christchurch, and that there's no way I can go there to pick the laptop up. I also explained to her that the call centre has stuffed up yet again. She said she'd follow up with the call centre.

Anyway, 10 minutes later, I got a call from the call centre (for the first time ever!). The guy on the line said he was calling because there was “conflicting notes” on my order and that was why the item got sent to the wrong place, and he wanted to confirm that I was wanting to have it couriered to my home.

Now, I've dealt with him before; he was the one who ‘accidentally’ disengaged my call. So I was disinclined to be kind to him. I asked him just what conflicting notes were on the order, and he mumbled something about how the order said something about shipping it to a store for pickup, but now it's to be couriered. Yes, originally I did request for it to be sent to a store (in North Shore, not Christchurch, mind), but because they've stuffed up and delayed my order so much, the least they could do is send it directly to me instead.

Anyway, he said he could arrange to get it couriered this afternoon, and I asked if, on account of their multiple stuff-ups, they could arrange for it to be urgent-couriered. They couldn't, and said the ETA would be in a couple of days' time.

I'd had enough at that point. I asked, in my usual steely voice :-P, if I needed to speak to his supervisor. He was like, no, escalations have to be done in writing. Oh, I see. Well, then, they'd better expect something ‘nice’ in their letterbox soon.

To end the call, I said to him that I hope that the item will indeed arrive at the correct place, in the stated time; I wouldn't like to have to call again. (There's that glint in my voice that hinted at something very unpleasant should that happen.) By this point, he sounded scared shitless, and just stammered, “Of course not; all right, goodbye,” and couldn't hang up the phone soon enough.

Now, just so you know, I don't especially delight in making customer service people squirm, and had he been someone I hadn't dealt with before, I'd have been far kinder. But, some people just deserve what they get. *shakes head*

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Delta said...

your's an arogant person who needs a bit of therapy